Calamum Cantor

About Me

Full time Support Engineer at Formstack, and making this as a side project in my spare time! Please bear with me as I make updates and actually get this up and going!


I've spent a lot of time developing custom WordPress themes, however I also did a lot of general programming with languages such as PHP, Python, MySQL, JS and more! Oh I also got quite good at coding custom HTML email templates from scratch. Honestly at this point if it is at all tech related I've probably had experience with it, so if you'd like some help contact me and we can talk business!

Previous Work

I've worked with all sorts of companies, from small mom and pop sized businesses to large multi-million dollar organizations. I even managed to get myself a spot on the tech team for a presidential campaign! No company is too big OR too small, I can provide impact for anyone. Interested in learning more? Happy to discuss, just shoot me a message!